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The YDC2 website is a resource for finding and sharing selected information about the digital cultural heritage content and infrastructure at Yale University. Here, along with information about how YDC2 is engaged in research support, the imaging lab and development of the digital content platform, we’ve made an effort to select and provide visitors with information and insights from communities of digital practice in cultural heritage.




The Imaging Lab is a shared digital and scientific imaging facility on West Campus (formerly known as Digital Core) to extend capacity in digital photography and introduce innovative methods of scientific imaging of collections for the museums, computing and the arts, and IPCH.The Content Platform makes digital content available online and provides a managed environment for storing, retrieving, preserving and sharing digital media and data.Research Support activities include the development of tools and methods for exploring and using digital cultural heritage in new and innovative ways.

Yale University’s West Campus offers an unprecedented opportunity to establish a truly interdisciplinary approach to the study and preservation of cultural heritage and natural history collections.

As one of the core centers supporting this vision, the YDC2 – Yale Digital Collections Center at West Campus provides expertise and facilities for the creation, management, and use of digital cultural heritage. Digital technologies provide opportunities to analyze, document, and study the collections of the University in ways never before possible.

YDC2 services ensure that digital information about these collections is managed, preserved and broadly accessible to the global community of researchers exploring questions about our heritage.