About YDC2

YDC2 - the Yale Digital Collections Center, formerly the Office of Digital Assets and Infrastructure, has grown out of an initiative of the Provost to develop a digital content management capacity for Yale University. 

YDC2 has three components that subsume most of the activities previously supported by ODAI and that add greater focus on the development of digital support strategies for the Collections Study Center on West Campus.


The Yale Digital Collections Center (YDC2) at West Campus makes information about Yale’s preeminent collections digitally accessible to the world. By supporting Yale in the identification, development, and implementation of shared digital tools and methods, YDC2 facilitates new inquiry through cultural heritage and natural science collections and further advances conservation practice through data-driven methods. Leveraging the Collections’ activity and scientific resources of West Campus, YDC2 enables faculty and students within the global community to use digital collections and information about the collections in innovative ways. YDC2 provides strategic planning and project coordination for the museums and the Arts Area Schools to build Yale’s capacity to 1) capture, synthesize and analyze collections and conservation data, 2) manage digital content and provide access over time, 3) use digital technologies to improve conservation of and research into collected objects.

Components: Create, Manage, Use

1. Imaging Lab: A shared digital and scientific imaging laboratory on West Campus (formerly known as Digital Core) to extend capacity in digital photography and introduce innovative methods of scientific imaging of collections for the museums, Computing and the Arts, and IPCH.

2. Content Platform: Digital content management infrastructure for curation and dissemination of cultural heritage media and datasets (formerly supported by ODAI).

3. Research Support: Staffing support for IPCH and the Cultural Heritage Computing center to work with faculty and students to support inquiry into the collections using data, both archived and newly created.



1. Identify and develop cutting-edge research opportunities that extend the scholarly use of digitized resources from Yale’s cultural heritage and natural history collections.

2. Support the stewards and curators of digitized resources from Yale’s cultural heritage and natural history collections with the further development of Yale’s digital content platform.

3. Extend Yale’s digital content platform to increase visibility of and access to digital cultural heritage and natural history collections on the web, for Yale’s faculty, staff and students and the world.

4. Enhance the research and conservation of Yale collections with the provision and maintenance of shared imaging facility in the West Campus Collections Study Center.

5. Support teaching and learning in the Arts Area Schools by extending their capacity to integrate digital storage, management and access tools in the production, management and exploration of creative works.

6. Partner with IPCH and CCAP to seek productive points of convergence of the arts and sciences and to realize the value of convergence through the development of good practice and technical support.

7. Seek innovation at Yale for the conservation and research of its collections through engagement with the broader community involved in the issues and opportunities of computing and heritage.

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Mailing Address:
Yale Digital Collections Center
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Yale Digital Collections Center – Imaging Lab
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