Canvas Viewer/Mirador

Canvas Viewer/Mirador

The Canvas Viewer/Mirador is an image viewer designed for the study of manuscripts. Researchers can select and view multiple pages from one or more manuscripts and study high-resolution images side-by-side using zooming and panning tools. Researchers can also display and compare various images of the same page, such as multispectral bands. In the near future the Canvas Viewer will support the ability to view images with annotations, including transcriptions. In early 2014 the Canvas Viewer will also support the ability to create annotations.

Manuscripts available for viewing have been selected for use in the Digitally Enabled Scholarship with Medieval Manuscripts projects. The list of manuscripts will continue to grow and will represent holdings from multiple institutions.

The Canvas Viewer is an open-source, web-based viewer developed by Stanford University Library with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

How to Use the Canvas Viewer

1. Start by clicking “Load Window”. This will bring up a list of available manuscripts.  Choose a manuscript from the drop down list and a page from the list below.

2. The page view allows you to compare pages from the same manuscript or from manuscripts in different repositories. It offers several capabilities, listed below.

3. For pages with multiple versions, such as multispectral bands, click the button below to choose a version.

4. From both the page view and from the “Load Window” menu, you can open a scroll view or a thumbnail view of the selected manuscript.  Clicking “enable zoom” from within the scroll view enables the same zoom and pan functionality that is available in the page view. Double clicking on a page in the thumbnail view once all thumbnails have loaded will open that page in its own window.

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