Advisory Group to the Yale Digital Commons

The Yale Digital Commons (YDC) is a campus-wide collaboration to develop shared infrastructure for the creation, managment, and dissemination of Yale's digital assets in support of research, teaching, and learning. 

Directors of the partner organizations -- the Center for British Art, Peabody Museum, Yale University Art Gallery, and Yale University Library -- appointed two staff members from each organization to the Advisory Group in order to meet with ODAI once every quarter to review and advise on the goals and priorities of the shared components of the YDC. These technical components of the YDC include the Artesia digital asset management (DAM) system, the Isilon storage environment, the persistent linking service, a hybrid preservation metadata repository, and a cross collection discover service. Thus far the members of the YDC are those who have invested funds and staff time in the development of the DAM and other tools listed above.

The Advisory Group members represent departmental priorities and translate strategic plans for digital content in research, teaching, learning, and dissemination into tactical actions for the YDC. The YDC Advisory Group also reviews allocation of staff time and activity spent on the YDC. Policy issues are presented to the ODAI Advisory Committee for action.


  • Beth Beaudin (YUL)
  • Pam Franks (YUAG)
  • Ray Frohlich (YUL)
  • Larry Gall (YPM)
  • Susan Gibbons (YUL)
  • Matthew Hargraves (YCBA)
  • Lec Maj (YCBA)
  • Thomas Raich (YUAG)
  • Lucas Swineford (ODD)
  • Tim White (YPM)
  • Meg Bellinger (ODAI)
  • Louis King (ODAI)
  • Michael Yaffe (Music)