Cross Collection Discovery Task Force (inactive)

Scope: Yale's libraries and museums contain a rich spectrum of internationally-reknowned resources that are used heavily in teaching, learning, and research.   Because many of the libraries and museums at Yale have complementary holdings in their collections, we need to find a way to make it easy for faculty, students, and researchers at Yale to discover materials in collections that are physically dispersed and to repurpose digital content for specific needs, such as a course website or online exhibition.


A. Phase I: Shared Infrastructure (April – September 2009)

  1. Architecture: Design a scalable robust campus-wide architecture for exchanging digital assets and metadata, based on OAI-PMH.
  2. Metadata: Develop and implement policies and workflows to insure interoperability of digital assets and metadata for discovery and access.
  3. Production service: Develop, implement, and operate a service for exchanging digital assets and metadata.

B. Phase II: Use Cases (October – December 2009)

  1. Data provider: Test and implement an OAI data provider to allow external and internal harvesters to selectively harvest metadata from libraries and museums at Yale.
  2. User interface: Develop a basic user interface to the database of aggregated metadata. Test system performance and data integrity.

C. Phase III: Extending the Partnership (January – May 2010)

  1. New media: Extend the partnership to additional participants. Consider new media (audio, video, etc.) a priority.
  2. User interface: Test the interface with users. Continue to refine and develop.
  3. Web services: Develop Web services for the database of aggregated metadata to make it accessible to applications.

Governance and Membership:
Members of the WG may volunteer or nominate colleagues to serve on the task force. The Director of ODAI will appoint the chair. In order to draw upon different areas of expertise, the task force may have rotating membership with some carry over from one phase to the next. The task force will report to the WG at the end of each phase. The scope of the task force may be amended at that time.

Members for Phase I and Phase II are:

  • Michael Appleby (ODAI)
  • John Coffey, technical lead (ODAI)
  • Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass (YCBA)
  • Osman Din (ITS)
  • Ariana French (YUAG)
  • Larry Gall (YPM)
  • Bill Landis (YUL)
  • Youn Noh, chair (ODAI)
  • Pam Patterson (ITS)