Digital Preservation Planning Committee (inactive)

Charge (May 11, 2010):

The Digital Preservation Planning Committee (DPPC) will act as an advisory group for projects and systems development within the Yale Digital Commons as they pertain to digital preservation. The committee will develop policies for the preservation levels, preservation metadata, and preservation actions included in the YDC, based upon stakeholder requirements, university priorities, and best practices. The committee will inform system requirements for implementing these policies.


The DPPC will be composed of library, museum, and gallery professionals with expertise in and responsibilities for digital preservation program, policies, and services development. Additional expertise may be sought from technical staff from these units.

In May 2010, a Digital Preservation Planning Committee (DPPC), sponsored by ODAI, was formed. Members include: Ann Green (Chair); Kevin Glick (YUL); Michael Forstrom (BRBL); Melissa Fournier (YCBA); Mark Matienzo (YUL) ; Youn Noh (ODAI); Thomas Raich (YUAG); Patrick Sweeney (YPM)

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