Discover Yale Digital Content Usable Metadata Group

Working Charge (July 1, 2011)

Timetable: December 1, 2011

Purpose: Assess and make recommendations about metadata to improve the usability of Discover Yale Digital Content.

Action Items:

  1. Continue work on improving access to CCD types:
    a. Review type vocabulary with partners.
    b. Consult with ODAI staff on implementation.
  2. Develop case studies to test (challenge) the use of common metadata in searching across collections.
  3. Identify administrative and rights metadata that support the new open access policy and could have an effect on the user experience.
  4. Develop a set of evidence-based, actionable recommendations that address the following:
    a. Metadata elements that are the most important and most used across collections
    b. Metadata elements that would benefit from simplification or normalization, with a focus on dates and date ranges, personal and geographic names, subjects/genres/formats, and events
    c. Strategies (including templates and vocabularies) for collecting important metadata early in the creation or digitization process
    d. Usability issues that are related to the charge of this group and likely require its participation
  5. Develop and conduct evaluations based on case studies.
    a. Media Production Use: focus groups with partners including OPAC
    b. Academic Use: one-on-one usability testing with 6-8 students, time and staffing permitting
  6. Analyze 2 weeks of web statistics for site traffic, to be gathered by ODAI.
    a. User interface features likely to have the greatest impact on the user experience


    Joan Swanekamp, chair (YUL)
    Matthew Beacom (YUL)
    Katie Bauer (YUL)
    Francis Lapka (YCBA)
    Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass (YCBA)
    Ariana French (YUAG)
    Chris Norris (YPM)
    Youn Noh (ODAI)