Mass Storage Working Group

Steven M. Girvin, Deputy Provost for Science and Technology, has charged a Mass Storage Working Group to develop recommendations for the Scientific Computing Strategic Planning Advisory Committee on mass storage to support research in the sciences, engineering, and social sciences. The Mass Storage Working Group is a faculty committee, with ex officio members from Information Technology Services and the Office of Digital Assets and Infrastructure.


Joseph Altonji, Professor, Economics

Meg Bellinger, co-chair, Director (ODAI)

Lanier Benkard, Professor, Economics

Rob Bjornson, Research Scientist, Computer Science 

Nicholas Carriero , Senior Research Scientist Computer Science and Computer

Julie Dorsey, Professor, Computer Science

Paul Forscher, Professor, Molecular Cell & Dev Biology

Steve Girvin, Deputy Provost for Science & Tech; Eugene Higgins Professor of Physics & Applied Physics

Perry Miller, Professor, Anesthesiology & Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology  

Tim O’Connor, Associate Provost Science & Technology, Research Scientist Molecular Cell and Dev Biology

Charles Powell, Associate CIO (ITS)

Andrew Sherman, co-chair, Research Scientist, Computer Science

Youn Noh, Digital Information Research Specialist (ODAI)

Andrew Szymkowiak, Senior Research Scientist, Physics