ODAI Steering Committee on Shared Practice and Policy

The ODAI Steering Committee on Shared Practice and Policy provides leadership for the development and documentation of practices and policies for creating, disseminating, and managing digital content at Yale University. As part of this coordination effort, the Steering Committee will engage the wider university community by appointing individuals to specific working groups on a particular practice or policy. The Steering Committee will review all working group policy and practice recommendations for approval and distribution. As a result, the Steering Committee and the working group members become advocates for effectively integrating this collection of Shared Practices and Policies into all future digital initiatives at Yale.

All policy recommendations will be sent to the ODAI Advisory Committee for approval.

2010-2011 Project Plans

  1. Guide for digital audio and video as a complement to the existing good practice guide for still images.
  2. Guide for web usability and assessment, functional design, branding, web standards and shared metrics
  3. Examination of metadata creation across catalog systems and its aggregated appearance in Cross Collection Discovery, and suggestions for shared practice.
  4. Provide basic guidelines for social media participation, including any existing Yale policy, good practice, and things to think about before diving in. (link to OPA document)
  5. Formulate a plan for shared policy over a number of intellectual property management practices with the goal of providing advice for issues that arise frequently. (link to public domain policy, to Rights Acquisition document, to as e.g. YCBA collection use)

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Subcommittees and Working Groups

Steering Committee Membership

  • Katie Bauer (YUL)
  • Sheree Carter-Galvan (GC)
  • Michael Fitzsousa (School of Medicine – Communications)
  • Pam Franks (YUAG)
  • Tim White (YPM)
  • Matthew Hargraves (YCBA)
  • Nancy Kuhl (Beinecke)
  • Limor Peer (ISPS)
  • Randy Rhode (Yale School of Drama/Web Standards Group)
  • David Schiffman (YUP)
  • Elizabeth Stauderman (OPA – Central)
  • Joan Swanekamp (YUL)
  • Lucas Swineford (ODD)
  • Ken Hamma - Chair
  • Jessica Slawski (ODAI) – staff support
  • Meg Bellinger (ODAI) - sponsor