West Campus Digital Core Coordination Group (Phase 1)

Coordination Group Charge:

The West Campus Digital Core is envisioned as a one of the key transformative organizations that will support the vision for West Campus. Phase 1 is supported by collaboration among YUAG, YCBA, YPM, YUL, Beinecke and ODAI and will be a baseline framework upon which future phases will be built. The Phase 1 Digital Core Cooordination Group will be composed of members from these units. Their primary focus will be to concentrate on the requirements for equipment, software, and space needs for Phase 1 Digital Core. The Coordination Group will make recommendations which will be reviewed by the YDC Advisory Group and approved by the ODAI Advisory Committee.

Key Objectives:

  • Review the Digital Core Phase 1 documentation that was developed for West Campus.
  • Determine and itemize what are shared equipment, software, and space needs and put them in priority order. Consider the relationship to individual unit plans as well as to the conservation core plans.
  • Determine how the Digital Core, Phase 1 will interact with other activities and programs on West Campus.
  • Determine relationship with existing services and activities on Central Campus.

Digital Core Coordination Group members:

  • Arthur Belanger  (ITS)
  • Chris Edwards  (BRBL)
  • John ffrench  (YUAG)
  • Melissa Fournier (YCBA)
  • Lawrence Gall (YPM)
  • Kurt Heumiller (YCBA)
  • Min H. Kim (CS)
  • Kelly Perry (YUL)
  • Tim White (YPM)
  • Jessica Slawski, Chair (ODAI)
  • Meg Bellinger, Sponsor (ODAI)