Working Group on A/V

The implementation of audio and video capability in the second phase of the Media Management Environment program provides shared technical infrastructure that can be utilized across the A/V needs of the institution. Developing shared practices and related policies to support the digital A/V lifecycle, clarifying common work processes and advancing the use and reuse of content at Yale and beyond will lead to a sustainable approach.

The A/V Working Group is charged to leverage its diverse perspectives in audio and video production, acquisition and reformatting, stewardship, and use, to make specific recommendations for file formats, metadata, and common workflows to support shared and common A/V practices. In addition, the group will identify essential policies to advance A/V production, stewardship, use and reuse and emerging requirements that will inform planning for future development of the shared infrastructure.

The group will meet two times in the first month to clarify action steps and then once a month for the next 11 months. Between meetings, members will occasionally have assignments to spend a few hours working on specific aspects of the charge as outlined above. The A/V working group will provide periodic updates to the Steering Committee on Shared Practice and Policy.

Working Group Members

  • Austin Kase (Music)
  • Jeffrey Carlson (ITS)
  • Doug Forbush (ODD)
  • Larry Gall (YPM)
  • Daniel Griffin (Law)
  • Donald Mennerich (YUL)
  • Steven Padla (Drama)
  • Louis Rinaldi (CMI2)
  • Jeffrey Siwicki (SOM)
  • Molly Wheeler (YUL)
  • Andrea Wilson (Rudd Center)
  • Libby Van Cleve, Chair (YUL)
  • Miriam Schroers, Chair (ODAI)