Yale Digital Commons Implementation Working Group

Composed of Yale professional staff collaborators from each of the YDC partner units, the YDC Implementation Working Group guides and participates in the implementation and ongoing operation of the products and services falling under the Yale Digital Commons umbrella.

The Implementation Working Group leverages its diverse perspectives in system development and implementation and its expertise in unit-level systems at Yale to make specific recommendations for workflow design, systems configuration, systems integration, systems performance, systems capacity, usage forecasts, metadata standards, file format support and implementation.

Other participants are invited to the Implementation Working Group when additional expertise is required. Meeting frequency is adjusted to once every week or once every two weeks as needed. Members of the Implementation Working Group are liaisons to their respective units and work to gather local requirements and communicate YDC progress and opportunities to their units. Members also participate in assisting their respective communities in the use and application of YDC products and services as essential players in a train-the-trainer model of support. 

YDC Implementation Working Group Members:

  • Miriam Schroers, Lead (ODAI)
  • Michael Appleby (ODAI)
  • Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass (YCBA)
  • Chris Edwards (BRBL)
  • John Ffrench (YUAG)
  • Melissa Fournier (YCBA)
  • Raymond Frohlich (BRBL)
  • Larry Gall (YPM)
  • Xinjian Guo (ODAI)
  • Kurt Heumiller (YCBA)
  • Lec Maj (YCBA)
  • David Parsell (YCBA)
  • Thomas Raich (YUAG)
  • Randy Rode (Drama)
  • Trevor Williams (Architecture)
  • John Eberhart (Architecture)
  • Austin Kase (Music)
  • Tim Speevack (YUAG)
  • David Whaples (YUL)