Yale Digital Commons Metadata Working Group

Purpose: Advise the YDC Implementation Working Group and the Steering Committee on Shared Practice and Policy on metadata issues and decisions that arise in the YDC, including ARTstor Shared Shelf, Cross Collection Discovery, and Yale’s Media Management Environment.  This working group subsumes the LIDO Working Group and the Cross Collection Discovery Task Force. (November 1, 2011)

Action Items:

  1. Document and define scope of content in the CCD. Recommend content selection criteria.
  2. In consultation with the Steering Committee, investigate criteria for determining access to content and authorizing users. Make a recommendation on rights metadata to the Steering Committee.
  3. In consultation with the YDC Implementation Working Group, develop and maintain metadata models, crosswalks, and shared vocabularies in the YDC.
  4. Investigate new standards, such as LIDO and make recommendations for testing and implementation.
  5. Coordinate metadata related activities and decisions across multiple constituencies.
  6. Communicate recommendations to the Advisory Group to the YDC.

Meeting Schedule: The group will have a standing monthly meeting but will only meet as needed.


  • Matthew Beacom (BRBL)
  • Ellen Cordes (Walpole)
  • Emmanuelle Delmas-Glass (YCBA)
  • Ariana French (co-chair) (YUAG)
  • Larry Gall (YPM)
  • Youn Noh (ODAI)
  • Francis Lapka (YCBA)
  • Katie Bauer (YUL)
  • Dajin Sun (YUL)
  • Miriam Schroers (co-chair) (ODAI)
  • Patrick Sweeney (YPM)