Content Platform

The YDC2 Content Platform supports the management, preservation and use of digital collections by providing a technical environment that is integrated into the existing museum and library collection management systems. It extends the reach of collections by acting as a conduit for disseminating digital collections into a variety of online venues such as museum and library websites, ArtStor Digital Library, Digital Public Library of America and many more. Online collections expand access to Yale’s digital collections and make it is possible to work with Yale’s collections alongside related collections from other institutions worldwide.

The YDC2 Content Platform allows Yale’s museums, library and professional arts area schools to aggregate a broad array of collections information – media, metadata, and data, and make it available online in a standardized, predictable and persistent way. This enriched digital content is easily embedded into new tools for discovery, synthesis and analysis, opening the door to new research opportunities and greater engagement with Yale’s unique collections.

YDC2 Content Platform diagram

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Enterprise-Grade Technology

The YDC2 Content Platform is built on reliable, enterprise-grade technology. The core services are modular components built on highly reliable computer systems, advanced networks and redundant storage.  (See the YDC2 Content Platform Architecture Diagram)

  1. Metadata Management: Aggregation, access, cross-walking and distribution of descriptive, technical and administrative information about digital content
  2. Media Management: Aggregation, access, transcoding and distribution of digital documents, images, audio and video
  3. Content Delivery: Cloud-based access to digital collections via indexes, linked data, online derivatives and distribution channels
  4. Preservation: Institutional, procedural and technical processes and commitment to provide persistent access to digital content
  5. Persistent Linking: A system to ensure that hyperlinks to content will resolve to that content even if the content is moved
  6. Data Management and Data Curation: YDC2 is currently developing capabilities to support scientific data produced in the digital imaging and conservation research labs.

Enriched Collections Information

The YDC2 Content Platform improves the quality of collections information by gathering information from each of the digital environments used by collections staff and scholars. Valuable information is added to the YDC2 Content Platform each step of the way as digital content is produced, managed and used. For instance, in addition to documentary images of an object there may also be scientific imaging, multispectral images, 3D models, data from materials analyses and conservation reports.

Powered by YDC2

Developers at Yale and across the globe, can easily integrate collections information into engaging online experiences from teaching and learning, to web and mobile, to publishing and to sophisticated research tools. The YDC2 Content Platform now underpins several important websites and digital content services at Yale and new offerings are under development.

Get Started with the YDC2 Content Platform

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