YDC2 News

2014, November 05 : Collection of Musical Instruments Website Launch

The Yale Collection of Musical Instruments has launched a new web site that makes use of YDC2's Content Platform to search for and deliver metadata and multimedia of instruments in their collection.

2014, February 26 : YDC2, Computer Science & YCBA Partner on Pope Bust Scanning Project

The Yale Digital Collections Center (YDC2) Imaging Lab and the Department of Computer Science (CS) have recently participated on a digitization project at the Yale Center for British Art (YCBA). Four busts sculpted by Louis-François Roubiliac portraying Alexander Pope were selected as candidates for 3D laser scanning. These busts, from international institutions, were digitally acquired via triangulation laser scanner during the installation of the new exhibit, Fame and Friendship: Pope, Roubiliac, and the Portrait Bust in Eighteenth-Century Britain.

2013, November 27 : YDC2 Hosts Successful Cultural Heritage Research and Linked Open Data Forum

On Wednesday, November 20th, 2013, the Yale Digital Collections Center (YDC2) hosted a forum on Cultural Heritage Research and Linked Open Data. Two guest speakers addressed the evolution of practice around linked open data in the cultural heritage research community. Dr. Kenneth Hamma discussed the limitations of traditional online research environments, offering several examples of the opportunities linked open data offers in cultural heritage research and discovery. Dr.

2013, November 25 : YDC2 Presents at the Digital Library Federation 2013 Forum

Members of the Yale Digital Collections Center and the Stanford University Library offered a joint presentation at the Digital Library Federation 2013 Forum to showcase Mirador, a tool for comparative viewing of high resolution images.

2013, October 22 : YDC2 Forum: Cultural Heritage Research and Linked Open Data

YDC2 Forum: Cultural Heritage Research and Linked Open Data
Wednesday, November 20th, 9:30-11:45am at the Whitney Humanities Center (Room 208)

2013, October 08 : YDC2 Presents Digital Preservation Solution at Createasphere 2013

The Yale Digital Collections Center presented its DAMMY award winning solution for Best Storage, Archive and/or Preservation Solution at the Createasphere 2013 digital asset management conference.

2013, October 03 : Yale University Art Gallery Web Site Uses YDC2 Content Platform

In August 2013 the Yale University Art Gallery launched a new web site that makes use of YDC2's Content Platform to deliver images of objects in their collection.  The site offers improvements in online viewing, including multiple views of objects and the ability to download large, high-resolution images of objects that are in the public domain.

2013, September 11 : August Imaging Forum

On August 23, the YDC2 hosted an Imaging Forum to share information on recent developments in computational imaging capacity and to discuss how that information might be used to further curatorial research goals.  Held at the Conference Center on West Campus, the Forum started off with a welcome introduction by Meg Bellinger, director of YDC2.

2013, August 16 : Digital Imaging and Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage Collections at Yale

Digital imaging and improved content platforms for dissemination have the potential to liberate information about museum collections from the constraints of traditional documentation and systems. The interpretive evidence around museum collections for teaching and research is significantly enhanced by the creation of 3D computer models and other visualizations and simulations based on computational imaging methods.