Mass Storage Goes Live

The Office of Digital Assets and Infrastructure (ODAI) is pleased to announce that the University's mass storage system was installed and given the green light to "go live" in July. The mass storage system was specified in collaboration with the University Library, academic and technical community.

The Galleries, Libraries, Museums, and ITS worked together to specify and acquire a cost effective, reliable, scalable, manageable, and affordable solution. The Isilon solution is a key component of the digital infrastructure that supports the rigorous practice of digital media production, large scale digital repositories, and digital preservation. The Isilon system was recommended because of its ease of management, simplicity, extensibility and our overall confidence in the product’s ability to perform successfully in our environment. This solution represents an all disk environment, with disk-to-disk replication for redundancy.  It offers a simple, straightforward architecture that does not require a large staff commitment to manage and develop. Isilon storage is fast. Operation of the Isilon System is a joint effort between ODAI and ITS. The mass storage system was implemented with 180TB of replicated storage (360TB in all) that directly support the Digital Asset Management system and digital preservation efforts. The mass storage is not directly available to the University community.