Digital Asset Management Program Kickoff

ODAI and the Yale community marked the installation of the University's Digital Asset Management (DAM) system and the official kickoff of the DAM program at an August 20th event in the Maurice R. Greenberg International Conference Center. 

Over seventy-five people explored how the DAM infrastructure supports academic work in the digital age. The DAM Phase 1 partners, the Center for British Art, the Yale University Art Gallery, and the Peabody Museum shared their experience in defining outcomes, establishing requirements, and making the business case for DAM.

Why DAM?

In spite of the exponential growth in digital information, high social and technical barriers frequently hinder the ability of individuals to engage in meaningful ways. These barriers are no more evident than they are in higher education where the complex social construct consistently raises concerns regarding privacy, copyright, intellectual property, students’ rights, and patients’ rights. Technical issues further aggravate the landscape by isolating pools of digital information in segregated technical 'silos' with no manner of management, interoperability, or reuse possible."

The DAM Program

ODAI is working with the Yale community to specify and implement a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system to lower these barriers, increase productivity in digital media-intensive work, and to spur innovation in learning, teaching, research and service. The DAM system streamlines workflows for the construction and organization of rich digital assets, secures academic materials in a managed digital repository, and extends the digital repository into the numerous and varied working environments of the community. In this way, researchers, instructors, learners, and staff spend less time building technical platforms and focus their attention on advancing academic work in innovative ways.