ODAI Presents to Berkeley College Fellows - Open Access to Digital Cultural Heritage at Yale

October 7, 2011

In May, 2011, Yale University announced a new policy on open access to digital representations of works in the public domain from Yale’s museum, library and archive collections.  While several art museums and institutional collections have formally stopped asserting proprietary rights on images of public domain works, Yale’s policy is pioneering for its breadth, embracing all of the cultural institutions within Yale and asserting a University position on open access to its collections. 

As a result, scholars, artists and other individuals around the world will enjoy unencumbered access to online images of millions of objects housed at Yale as collections are digitized.  Increased access to high-quality content and new linked data technologies will revolutionize the way people search and relate to cultural objects. This talk – supplemented by illustrations – will review some of the factors that led to the decision, the possible impact, and future directions.  

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