Yale University Art Gallery Web Site Uses YDC2 Content Platform

October 3, 2013

In August 2013 the Yale University Art Gallery launched a new web site that makes use of YDC2's Content Platform to deliver images of objects in their collection.  The site offers improvements in online viewing, including multiple views of objects and the ability to download large, high-resolution images of objects that are in the public domain.

The YDC2 Content Platform supports the web site in two ways.  First, YDC2's Media Management software stores and securely preserves the high quality digital photographs taken by the Gallery's studio staff. Next, the YDC2 Content Delivery Service publishes copies of these images online in a variety of formats suited for the web.   This allows the web site to offer images in a number of formats, including thumbnail, HD screen resolution, and even full-page print-ready TIFF files.   The images are delivered from a cloud service that supports a high volume of users at low cost.

Illustration:  Panathenaic Prize Amphora with 10 views and downloadable images.