Collection of Musical Instruments Website Launch

November 5, 2014

The Yale Collection of Musical Instruments has launched a new web site that makes use of YDC2's Content Platform to search for and deliver metadata and multimedia of instruments in their collection.  The site offers improvements in online search and discovery, including multiple views of instruments and audio and video of performances and related talks. 

The YDC2 Content Platform supports the web site in three ways.  First, YDC2's Media Management software stores and securely preserves the Collection's high quality digital multimedia and metadata. Next, the YDC2 Content Delivery Service publishes copies of these multimedia online in a variety of formats suited for the web. The website also accesses the metadata via a SOLR index and makes it discoverable via a Blacklight search interface using the YDC2 Discovery Template Service. This allows the web site to offer easily accessible images and audio/video in a number of formats for viewing, listening, and download, including thumbnail, HD screen resolution, and progressively streaming audio and video. 

View the School of Music's press release about the completion of its trio of websites here. The staff of the School of Music and YDC2 worked together collaboratively to develop these new resources.