Planning and Architecture


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The Digital Content Architecture diagram is a logical diagram of the variety of systems across Yale that make up the digital content environment. This diagram does not identify every system at Yale. Rather, it illustrates the type and relationship of modular systems that constitute a comprehensive approach to digital content management.

This approach ties together Authoritative Reference, Cataloging & Collection, Content Stewardship, Dissemination, Publishing and Tiered Storage systems to support the full lifecycle of digital assets from acquisition or creation, through use and reuse, to preservation, curation, and institutional stewardship. The modular approach depicted here is driven by the principles guiding YDC2's approach to Digital Information Architecture.

YDC2 is currently operating, developing or planning each of the systems depicted in blue. These systems aggregate metadata and data from across the institution, provide online workbenches to support the management workflow of content developers and stewards and provide publishing venues with access to select and relevant digital content.

View Yale University Digital Content Architecture (PDF)

Yale University Digital Content Architecture

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Yale Digital Content Infrastructure