ARTStor Shared Shelf

ARTstor ARTstor – a Mellon-funded initiative to enhance scholarship, teaching, and learning in the arts through digital technology – is collaborating with Yale University (YDC2) and eight other institutions on the development of Shared Shelf, an enterprise-level web platform for creating, managing and sharing digital image collections.

ARTstor enables institutions to integrate their local visual resource collections with ARTstor Digital Library's collection of more than 1.3 million images. Shared Shelf's cloud-based infrastructure enables institutions to create, manage and share their collections locally or more broadly. According to ARTstor, the goal is to create an efficient and innovative image management, cataloging and usage infrastructure which is built on the expertise and requirements of the arts area community.

YDC2 is leading Yale’s contribution to the development of Shared Shelf by bringing together staff from Yale’s museums, galleries, and libraries to define functional requirements and test early iterations of the Shared Shelf platform. The Medical Library and the Yale Peabody Museum are also collaborating with ARTstor to incorporate scientific images into the ARTstor Digital Library. Yale University Library participated in ARTstor’s pilot hosting program, the precursor to Shared Shelf, which concluded in December 2010, which enabled Yale faculty and students to study and juxatpose images from Yale’s local Visual Resources Collection with the full collection of ARTstor digital images.

For future development, YDC2 is exploring options for exporting images from the Media Management Environment to Shared Shelf, as another way of extending Yale's digital image collections to a wider community of scholars. YDC2 is also researching whether other Yale systems can call upon and utilize the Shared Shelf controlled vocabulary warehouse. Shared Shelf is one possible solution that may meet the needs of faculty members who use their own image collections in teaching and research.

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