Media Request Tool

It’s hard to believe, but with all of the world’s technical advances, it’s still challenging to send large digital files to people who need them. At Yale, library patrons, members of the press, and researchers regularly request large media representations of art, artifacts and specimens, and Yale is committed to delivering those files. Yale librarians, museum curators and marketing managers routinely send out large images, frequently fulfilling a volume upwards of 200 requests per month, often at 300MB per file.

With the Media Request Tool- a straight-forward enhancement to Yale’s Media Manager (the University’s digital asset management system), sending large digital files to requesters is easy, reliable and trackable. Up until now, the YDC2 Partners had in place cumbersome systems to send out large files that required downloading, identifying rights documentation and resending using 3rd party software or even the postal service. These solutions tended to be time consuming and unnecessarily complex. YDC2 is collaborating with their Partners to enhance the Media Manager to automate the delivery of media files to anyone who asks for them and has the right to receive them.

Staff with basic training in the use of Media Manager and departmental policy can fulfill requests for the delivery of media and corresponding metadata from Yale’s collections with a click of a button using the Media Request Tool. This streamlined system saves time and delivers more assets to requesters than ever before.

For more information about the Media Request Tool or Yale's Media Manager, contact