Persistent Linking

In the web environment, change happens rapidly and continuously. Links to resources break frequently as content is moved from server to server. Citations and references that depend upon a link can be compromised if that link is broken. Persistent linking is an important component of any digital content management environment. It allows systems and people to link digital content with the assurance that the link will properly resolve to the content, even if that content has been moved. Many of Yale’s digital services such as the Library’s Orbis electronic catalog, Cross Collection Discovery, and other various digital repositories rely on the Yale Persistent Linking service (YPL) to maintain millions of persistent links pointing to Yale’s valuable digital assets.

YPL is built on CNRI’s Handle System, a system that has over one thousand installations in more than 44 countries including over 750 installations at universities. Yale’s service is registered with the Handle System Global Handle Registry that, on average, resolves over 68 million requests per month.

Content stewards interested in leveraging this shared infrastructure towards more effective content management should review the Yale Persistent Linking Guide and contact